Business Continuity

Information technology has become a critical part of every business.  This means that a breakdown in continuity as well as the loss of data can be disastrous.

ITVortex specializes in helping companies protect their technology assets and data, while ensuring a rapid return to standard business operations in the event that either a natural or technological disaster occurs.

By working closely with both your business and technology teams, ITVortex is able to craft a comprehensive plan that includes documented policies, processes and procedures – as well as backups and contingencies — that enable you to recover and ensure the business continuity of the technological infrastructure that supports your organization.

Business Continuity Services by The IT Vortex

​Key Considerations

​To properly recover from an outage, you must first have plans in place that dictate two major factors: Recover Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Object (RTO). The first asks: how much data can you afford to lose?  The second asks:  how long can you afford to be down before recovering?​

As the RTO and RPO get smaller there is a converse relationship in cost. In order to protect all data every second, you will spend more than someone that wants to only protect some data every few hours

​Additional factors may come into play if your organization must adhere to regulatory compliance challenges and standards such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI DSS, FISMA, or ISO. Many organizations may even be subject to fines or penalties if they are not properly protected.​

Business Continuity by The IT Vortex : Managed IT Services & Cloud Hosting in Paramus, NJ

Once those questions have been answered, an appropriate solution can then be designed. Solutions can involve hardware replication and/or software replication in multiple facets in order to meet the organization’s needs.

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