Why Cloud Computing is Faster and Safer Than You Think

Why Cloud Computing is Faster and Safer Than You Think

Why Cloud Computing is Faster and Safer Than You Think

A lot of the talk about cloud computing focuses on why it’s great to have things available from everywhere. When work from home became a reality for many this year, the process of accessing files for work seemed stressful and difficult. Cloud computing actually gives you access from home, mobile devices, and just about anywhere thanks to internet hosting and easy connectivity. Two additional benefits of the service, however, go beyond simply having access to your files. 

The speed and security involved with cloud computing are why many IT services recommend you upgrade as soon as possible. It’s not just that it’s faster than many legacy systems and on-site servers. It’s safer too, despite the data being stored in the cloud. How can something stored away from you and accessible from anywhere be safe and fast? Let’s talk about how this is possible.

The Speed and Ease of Connectivity in Cloud Computing

When it comes to work-related files, IT managed services often point to cloud hosting and computing as the number one way to increase productivity. How? Simply put, accessing files and documents in the cloud is faster than most traditional methods of server storage and hosting. If you have a server on-site at your job, for example, there’s a good chance you wrestle with its shotty connection and slow upload and download speeds from time to time. That’s because the connection is taking files and moving them from one piece of hardware to another. 

IT support likely tells you that these sorts of delays and poor download speeds could be fixed by cloud servers, but that can sound like a huge undertaking. The framework of cloud computing is designed to easily transfer files to a device from anywhere. Yes, that means if you spent the spring struggling to get a work from home set up to run, this could have been avoided with cloud hosting.

  • No Need for Hardware Upgrades Either

The best part of cloud hosting is that you can likely keep using your computers and devices you have now. No worries about a hefty hardware upgrade cost for the office. Simply hiring the right managed IT solutions team can get you up and running on the cloud. Even the cost of the services is often outweighed by the increase in productivity. No more waiting for files to upload or download, no more reconnecting over and over again to the server, and the stress of deadlines is now a little less anxiety-inducing thanks to no worries of a failure to get the documents you need.

How Can Cloud Computing Be Safer?

Any of the best and brightest IT support teams will tell you that cloud computing is the safest way to store your company data. How? Most cloud hosts feature multiple levels of security and safety to protect against hackers and data miners seeking to control your data. On top of password protection, many cloud hosting services offer malware blockers, constant maintenance of unfamiliar devices attempting to access files, and multi-factor authentication when a new user or device logs on. 

When you have a server in-house hooked up to your internet, the only security measures protecting your documents are the tools used by your internet provider. You might have protection on your computers, but servers might not have the same sort of security since you’re not necessarily using them for anything other than file storage. This can lead to some huge lapses in security and major breaches. IT support experts believe more and more people will start to use the cloud for data storage and computing because it’s smarter than most current legacy setups.

  • How Do I Choose the Safest Cloud Computing Service?

Like IT solutions, not all cloud computing services are the same. You’ll want to make sure that there are proper monitors on your cloud server to protect against familiar and unfamiliar forms of unwanted entry. This includes things like unauthorized downloads, attempts to access the cloud server, and even malware disguised as new uploads. These things are easy to spot with a diligent managed IT solutions team that puts the safest measures in place for your business.

Safer, Faster, But Still Cost-Effective? How Cloud Computing Makes Sense For Your Budget

Cloud computing doesn’t necessarily cost more than your current setup. Most plans are run through a managed IT solutions company and a monthly fee is all it takes to get you on the cloud. This is a drop in the bucket compared to hosting your own server, which takes hardware, electricity, bandwidth, and other considerations that affect your operations costs. 

With a better interface and more safety and speed measures in place, cloud computing is the smarter way to work. Any expert would agree that now is the perfect time to invest and adopt this technology. Find out how cloud computing to improve your work experience today.

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