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Migrating to the ITVortex Cloud can reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your hardware and systems, significantly lowering your capital expenditures.

If you face large hardware refreshes, daunting software licensing and high maintenance fees to run your IT infrastructure then you can significantly reduce your costs by leveraging our technical expertise, experience and resources.

IT Vortex takes an analytical approach by working closely with its clients to define the specific needs of their business operation. Our solutions deliver not only the best technology but also a flexible, adaptable framework that maximizes your IT infrastructure ROI through an efficient OPex vs CAPex model.

Cloud Hosting Services by The IT Vortex

Leverage The Benefits Of The IT Vortex Cloud

  • Eliminate Costly Hardware Renewals and Maintenance
    • Many companies spend tens of thousands or more to maintain older hardware that could be replaced by Infrastructure as a Service via the IT Vortex Cloud Offering
  • Eliminate Costly Software Renewals and Maintenance
    • Tallying software licenses, maintenance and support costs can be eliminated for most, if not all of your infrastructure vendors.
  • Eliminate Your Power & Cooling Costs
    • Without all the hardware onsite, you can reduce the costs of overall electric and cooling onsite – everything is built into our easy to understand pricing model
  • Increase Your Operational Efficiency
    • Don’t spend time upgrading outdated equipment or replacing it with large Capex purchases – our system has N+1 availability and everything is done “behind the scenes” without customer impact.
  • Achieve 99.99% Uptime Availability
    • Between our datacenters, enterprise-class hardware and Software Defined Datacenter stack, we have uptime figured out, so you never have to worry.
  • Enhance Your Network Security
    • IT Vortex utilizes VMWare NSX in order to start off with a zero-trust policy from the beginning of implementation or migration until our customers objectives dictate otherwise.
  • Scale on-Demand to Match Workloads
    • Our highly scalable infrastructure can allow your business to grow, seasonally, cyclically or any time in between – only pay for the additional resources you need when you need them.
  • Minimize the Cost of Disruptions
    • Downtime and outages are an overlooked “gray area” that many businesses fail to account for, but end up costing millions of dollars when analyzed
Cloud Hosting Services by The IT Vortex
Cloud Hosting Services by The IT Vortex
  • Deliver Anytime / Anywhere Access
    • Via Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or Hosted Voice – your team can ensure access from anywhere, anytime to your servers and line of business applications.
  • Reduce Your Environmental Impact
    • Operating in our virtual environment and out of our datacenter automatically ensures you are operating “green”. From multi-stage cooling to consolidated hardware our operating model is meant to reduce our carbon footprint at every level
  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance
    • Our datacenter are SOC 1, SOC 2,HIPAA, and PCI-DSS compliant and our cutting edge network virtualization software can setup policy management from East to West or North to South to ensure compliance, micro-segmentation and machine firewalling
  • Leverage Our Industry-Specific Expertise
    • Our team of certified engineers and business partnership programs allow for extremely fast resolution times and less back and forth when it comes to time to solve challenges
  • Choose from Private and Hybrid Solutions
    • Move your entire environment or only the critical functions with our advanced L2 technologythat keep your IP, MAC addresses and machine hardware the same
  • Focus on Your Core Business
    • Let’s face it, IT can be a challenging area for most businesses and while it can enable and drive greatness, it can also be a huge hindrance if left mismanaged – IT Vortex has the track record to ensure IT management is no longer a concern
  • Ensure Customer Confidence
    • Solid systems, lack of downtime and better performance only make customers happier and ready to partner with a business that has its priorities straight from an IT perspective

How IT Vortex Migrates Your Business To Our Cloud

The IT Vortex Mobile Solutions - Unified Communications - hosted cloud services

IT Vortex uses industry leading methods to facilitate a seamless “lift and shift” of internal IT resources without changes to design, IP or MAC address. Our technology allows for infrastructure hybridity that abstracts on-premises and cloud resources and makes them appear as one continuous pool. Backwards compatibility, hardware agnosticism and bidirectional mobility are only a few of the benefits of our customized solution.

After running our non-intrusive inventory software, we begin by setting up a custom migration plan for your business. VMs are migrated over Layer 2/3 in a seamless vMotion-style fashion with little to no downtime. While VMs are in migrating, they are protected by military grade Suite-B encryption to ensure data protection through the entire stack.

Once imported to our environment your staff can manage them through an intuitive user portal that allows console access and other abstracted Virtual Center features. Additionally, integrated backups with self-service access allow for quick and painless restores, and checkups on compliance and data retention.

Options for disk, tape and other off-site services allow even more business continuity objectives to be met. Whether you have low RPO/RTO needs or “instant live failover” requirements to another geographic region, IT Vortex can accommodate your needs.

Cloud Hosting Services by The IT Vortex

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