IT Vortex Offers a Multitude of Solutions for Businesses

Our unique “As a Service” portfolio allows for a prescriptive solution that will fit the particular challenges a company may face in the tech world. Whether you are looking for Infrastructure as a Service, Security as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service or Unified Communications as a Service, IT Vortex has your needs covered. Furthermore, the more services a business hosts with us, the better the cost savings.

Our Service Portfolio is summarized around four distinct categories that can serve as standalone or complementary options.

Cloud Hosting Services by The IT Vortex

Hosted Cloud

At the core of our offerings, is our Infrastructure as a Service – pay for only what you need hardware, licensing, maintenance and support rolled up into one easy service offering. Whether its seasonal or cyclical demand, compliance or regulatory obligations or cost savings, our cloud hosting options are competitive with pricing and performance.
IT Vortex also includes free migration services to assist in moving your production environment into our cloud in a seamless and change-free manner.

If desktops are a pain point for your organization, then our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure offering can eliminate hardware issues, lost or stolen assets, complex maintenance and licensing and streamline your end user experience.

Security as a Service

We offer a comprehensive “Security Fabric” solution. We are of the mindset that one single layer in a security environment cannot be fully effective in withstanding a breach and while more than one layer is more effective, when those layers can communicate, alert and make decisions based upon each layer’s shared analytics, then the Security Fabric becomes the most effective.

Our security portfolio includes hardware and software-based firewalls, switches, wireless access points, spam firewalls, desktop and server antivirus with machine learning, micro segmentation for East/West traffic and more. Each of these systems work together with our 24/7 monitoring software to form a hardened and impenetrable perimeter around your assets.

Business Continuity

When the inevitable strikes, be prepared with our Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service options. We can alleviate sleepless nights and give your stakeholders peace of mind knowing your data can be backed up to multiple sites across the country and/or able to recover to a warm or hot-standby in another geographic region if requirements dictate.

Our low-latency networks can achieve the most stringent Recovery Time Objectives and more real-time Recovery Point Objectives. Virtual firewalls, BGP routing, and automated portal access allow for not only being prepared for disaster, but testing it ahead of time to ensure when the inevitable strikes you are more than ready.

Business Continuity Services by The IT Vortex

Unified Communications

The ability to communicate is what allows small businesses to compete on a larger scale. Our hosted voice portfolio allows multiple hybrid options, so you can change the way you talk, chat, and collaborate.

From simple Voice over IP phones systems and voicemail to more complex call centers with automated routing, intelligent position in queue, voice recognition, quality assurance and more, IT Vortex has a solution that will fit your needs and budget.

Whether you need five or five-thousand users to communicate effectively, we can help with hardware and software-based solutions that are protected 24/7 with the highest uptime in our private cloud.

Unified Communication and VoIP Services by The IT Vortex

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