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Pure DaaS is Closer Than You Think

Pure DaaS is Closer Than You Think - itvortex

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is gaining ground, and in an era of remote workers it’s never been more important to choose the right virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

VMware is gearing up to launch its second attempt at VDI, this time promising a pure DaaS environment. Their current offering, Horizon 7, is marketed as DaaS also, but still requires in-house IT departments to be involved in some of the configuration and management.

It remains to be seen how the new product will differ from Horizon 7, and in fact, it’s speculated that the end-user experience won’t be much different at all. That being said, pure DaaS makes significant gains in internal convenience for IT departments and service management.

For businesses who don’t have an internal IT department, or whose internal IT department is mainly focused on innovating processes to make the company more competitive, a pure DaaS solution offers a hands-off approach to the virtualization of end-user desktop functions.

The new product is set to be previewed at the VMworld conference this month.Those attending the conference sessions will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. At the conference, VMware is hoping to get insight and feedback on how this product can best serve their customers.

Because it appears they are in the early phases of collecting data and previewing ideas, it’s unlikely the product will be rushed to market. However, VMware is not the only one working on pure DaaS functionality, and will be competing with companies like Microsoft and Citrix.

As it stands, VMware is dreaming of relaunching its Desktop-as-a-Service offering and is continuing to partner with AWS, a trusted name in cloud solutions, to make that dream a reality. While this service is not yet available, its presence at VMworld shows that both demand for and capabilities of VDI are increasing. VMware continues to make significant strides forward regarding DaaS and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. 

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