Cloud Computing and Remote Work: An Exciting Future

Cloud Computing and Remote Work: An Exciting Future

Cloud Computing and Remote Work: An Exciting Future

There are plenty of reasons to want to leave 2020 behind. While 2021 will present its own unique challenges, things seem more optimistic two months into the New Year. The hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic are not over, but many are taking time now to reflect on lessons learned during the reaction and response to the pandemic. For many companies, remote work was one of the strangest and most insightful experiments of the past decade. 

Born out of a need to keep employees safe, many companies saw productivity rise, employee morale improve and even saw new possibilities outside of a traditional office environment. The impact of remote work is made possible by cloud computing, and when harnessed to the height of its abilities, it could prove to be one of the most exciting things to happen to the working world since the internet.

Work From Home and the Cloud

When employees started working from home, many businesses wondered if the new operation would start to negatively impact performance. As it turns out, the benefits of remote work that don’t pertain to professional aspects of life shined through the business-related aspects. For example, people who had more time to be around family, set their own routine in the home office, and exercise autonomy like never before performed better at their job thanks to remote work. 

Some of the credit also goes to cloud computing. Many businesses utilized some sort of cloud storage or server before the pandemic, but everything changed last March. In fact, many companies learned about the benefits of cloud computing out of necessity rather than curiosity. The improved results of employee performance directly related to new software and applications that employees used from home to get work done. Everything from video meetings to virtual desktops and computing helped employees work smarter and faster. If companies continue to invest in the cloud during economic recovery taking place in the next few years, remote work might become the new normal.

What Does Cloud Computing Offer a Remote Employee?

Investing in cloud computing sounds daunting as of now. With many budgets slashed due to losses inflicted by the pandemic, taking on new expenses might not make sense on paper. In reality, the move to remote work is saving companies a lot of money. Therefore, the expenses of a cloud computing services provider end up saving the company money and boosting productivity. 

Remote workers can use cloud computing for just about everything. Creating a virtual desktop via cloud computing is much cheaper than buying new hardware for employees. Therefore, anyone who is working from home with an outdated computer isn’t held back by the hardware’s limitations. In fact, cloud computing provides many businesses with resources they didn’t think were in their reach due to financial limitations on making improvements to computers, servers, and other technological tools. Additional data storage, faster computing, and more reliable access to work-related files help make the experience of working all the better.

Security Concerns for Remote Work

A major concern for many companies who moved to remote operations is security. There’s a good chance that many businesses did not enlist the best security measures when everyone was in the office. As soon as everyone went to work from home, the ability to control secure connections and ensure security measures for sensitive info became even more difficult. Luckily, cloud hosting provides encrypted networks that enable any password-protected connection a secure and safe way to access data servers. 

On top of that, cloud services providers can enable devices to work on the cloud. If a device is not on the list, then the connection will not allow that device to connect. It’s an invaluable tool at a time where cybercrime is on the rise and more companies find themselves threatened by hacks, data leaks, and crashes. The security measures of cloud computing allow for peace of mind as employees from several different locations can connect to one virtual server safely.

Is The Traditional Office Gone Forever?

It’s tough to say whether or not remote work can completely replace the traditional office. One thing is certain: cloud computing plays a role in either form of operation. If employees return to the office, then it will make sense to continue utilizing cloud services. Between the security benefits and the improved performance of employees thanks to increases in speed and connectivity, cloud computing is here to stay. 

Whether or not a company decides to move remotely depends on their individual situation. Cloud computing, on the other hand, can play a role in any modern office. Whether remote, in an office, or working with a hybrid set-up, businesses that value security and performance can rely on cloud computing to be a much-needed resource in the years to come.

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