Security as a Service

By combining the best hardware and software platforms at the hypervisor layer as well as physical layer,  ITVortex has developed a nearly bulletproof solution that balances performance with security.

No single security solution can protect your entire enterprise. The best methodology is to layer key technologies together in order to create a cohesive solution that can be both proactive and reactive when the situation calls for it.

  • Our Fortinet UTM Firewalls protect physical and virtual layers with industry-leading technology.

  • Our hypervisor layer antivirus software keeps virtual machines protected without compromising performance.

  • Having the entire private cloud located in a tier 4 data center completes the picture with the utmost in physical security.

​Enterprise Network Monitoring

By providing you with 24/7  monitoring, ITVortex is  able to continually track and log network parameters –as mandated by numerous security compliance regulations . These include data transmission rate (throughput), error rates, downtime/uptime, use-time percentages and response time to user and automated inputs and requests. When predetermined thresholds are reached, our network fault management processes are initiated.

Endpoint Security

ITVortex’s security services also focus on computing endpoints which include individual devices such as desktops and laptops  from which a network is accessed.  By identifying ransomware, viruses and other forms of malware, we are able to either prevent or minimize their negative effects while protecting your end users and company data.

​Advanced Firewall Protection

ITVortex firewall solutions block access to your network by preventing unauthorized Web users or malicious viruses. Our  firewalls deliver full visibility into users, devices, applications and threats on the network, with the ability to apply advanced threat protection anywhere in the network.

Security as a Service | The IT Vortex's Cybersecurity Services
Security as a Service | The IT Vortex's Cybersecurity Services

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