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VMWare finds the key to company growth is to tell a digital story

VMWare finds the key to company growth is to tell a digital story

Technology is grand. 

So grand that making technology choices can be a little overwhelming for companies, big and small. But that doesn’t make the decision to choose the right technology any less of a critical choice. 

Last week, VMWare published the results of their digital employee experience survey. The prominent software company found that the digital experience of employees correlates with overall success in an economy that is, well, largely digital.

Specifically, Shankar Iyer, senior vice president and general manager at VMWare says:

“Too often, the conversation about digital transformation focuses on the technology and leaves out a key ingredient to a winning strategy – attracting and retaining the best talent. To compete for the best talent, companies are prioritizing employee experience; which encompasses technology, workstyle and culture,”

The employee experience includes small choices, like letting each team member select needed devices, to larger ones, like implementing a remote work policy accompanied by the platform technology to support this flexibility.

If one part of telling your digital story is considering employee preferences, then another is selecting the right applications to enhance employee communication, collaboration, and planning. The VMWare survey showed seamlessness within the digital landscape was a key component to overall company growth, retention, and success.

Prioritizing the digital experience tells your company’s story by showing a commitment to employee preference and a desire to remove the barriers, preventing employees from executing at the highest levels. This strategy will surely attract and engage the best talent needed to be successful in a digital economy.

Where Tech Companies Miss the Boat

According to VMWare, “95 percent of IT decision makers claim that they provide employees with the digital tools they need for their job. However, nearly half of employee respondents (42 percent) said they do not have the digital tools they need.” Additionally, most employees don’t believe they have a voice in the technology selection process.

Stop telling this story!

Instead, a partnership with IT Vortex helps you implement the technology you need, like VMWare, while prioritizing device choice and flexibility, seamless access to apps, remote work capabilities and more. If you’re struggling to hold onto the talent you need to paint a picture of digital continuity and success, contact IT Vortex today.

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