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VDI for AutoCAD Users with DaaS

True Desktop-as-a-Service

While IT teams can build VDI on-prem on their own hardware or utilize other hardware, they are still managing and worrying about applications, users, and performance. However, true Desktop-as-a-Service manages licensing and updates, providing IT departments with support the whole way through.

DaaS from a cloud service provider means managed infrastructure with bundled licensing, app stack creation, profile configuration, and settings through DEM, with update rollouts organized and handled.

Too many IT teams are stuck with these tasks and are unable to focus on tech and projects for organizational advancements. When attempting to bring up environments, teams face nuances with different programs. While some problems seem minute, they drag down performance, take up people’s time, and frustrate users, leading to larger-scale organizational issues.


AutoCAD for AEC

AutoCAD users in the architectural, engineering, and construction sectors constantly need desktops

with GPUs. IT Vortex DaaS provides virtual desktops with vGPUs so users can work from anywhere. AEC and similar industries experience significant benefits from vGPUs, including all the benefits of virtual desktops. IT Vortex DaaS empowers users with instant clones, so the minute they log off, there is a new desktop every time, preventing various errors and issues. With teams needing to uninstall and reinstall software, this supplies a fresh desktop every time someone logs off. Along with the benefits of fully optimized machines with all of its software, it maintains all files and settings but is essentially a new machine every time a user logs on. 


VDI with vGPU for Turnover and Third-Parties

Users’ machines for AutoCAD are very high-powered workstations, so working from home becomes problematic. On the other hand, VDI with vGPU makes hiring new developers and talent for more demanding projects simplified. Scaling up is now easy and does not require spending $20K on a workstation that would only be used for one specific project. High turnover is no longer daunting; machine reconfiguration is no longer necessary and bringing up more machines or scaling down very quickly is painless.

Now IT executives can procure more desktops through IT Vortex at will. Everything from a software standpoint is controlled in one place and is administered and pushed out through an app stack. With all settings retained, this makes for a consistent user experience.

Large projects that outsource engineering leave companies spending hundreds of thousands of dollars solely on laptops. Then comes adding software, worrying about maintenance, stolen or broken laptops, bandwidth, Wi-Fi, work location, and more factors.

With optimized Desktop-as-a-Service, these worries are eliminated.


VMware Horizon View

With this level of DaaS, using VMware Horizon View with the Blast or PCoIP protocol allows for a much better performance rate of View. This is because the protocols optimize video on the screen. For 3D models and movement, the pixels are only repainted for that area of the screen versus refreshing the whole screen like an older RDP protocol would do, making for a much smoother experience. 


Data Center Security 

IT Vortex VDI is always backed up inside a data center, offered with:

Typically, all of a user’s data would be gone if their laptop was stolen. However, everything is backed up on a nightly basis in a data center. Using a desktop from a zero client, a thin client, or a laptop through a browser no longer matters because that data resides in a protected data center.


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