Broadcom Acquisition of VMware and Implications for the EUC Business Unit

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, completed on November 22, 2023, marks a significant pivot in the technology landscape, particularly for enterprises reliant on virtualization and cloud computing solutions. Broadcom Inc., a global leader in semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions, now steers VMware into a new era, emphasizing the enhancement of private and hybrid cloud environments. This […]

IT Vortex’s view on VMware Acquisition

The completion of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, which was finalized on November 22, 2023, marks a significant shift in the technology landscape. This acquisition, part of Broadcom CEO Hock Tan’s strategy to bolster the company’s software business, faced intense regulatory scrutiny worldwide, leading to several delays before its finalization. The deal, valued at $69 billion, […]

Transforming Data Center Security with VMware NSX Intelligence

In an era where sophisticated cyber-attacks are increasingly prevalent, IT Vortex understands the urgency of bolstering data center security. A notable challenge is the implementation of effective micro-segmentation, a strategy critical in safeguarding east-west data traffic. Despite its potential, four main barriers have historically impeded its practical application. The Four Barriers:  Policy Discovery Challenges: Configuring […]

Navigating the Road to Zero Trust Security in Private Clouds

In today’s complex and distributed IT landscape, the traditional perimeter-based security model is no longer sufficient. IT Vortex recognizes the need for a more robust approach to secure the enterprise, especially in private cloud environments. This leads us to the concept of Zero Trust, a security model that operates on the principle of “never trust, […]