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Evolve your technology access for all employees – nearby, remote, or on the road – with desktop and telephone virtualization solutions. Perform at a high level, no matter where your team is located. Get your remote employees on to a centralized office phone line, allow your sales force to access proprietary systems with their mobile devices, and keep multiple offices connected with one consolidated and secure network.

Stay ahead of your competitors and deliver your customers the highest level of service, thanks to pioneering technology in cloud computing. Empower your employees to take control of their business responsibilities with added abilities to access information and collaborate as a team. It’s simple, scalable, flexible, and most importantly, customized to precisely the needs of your business.

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What Our Clients Say

IT Vortex has changed the way we do business and allowed us to dynamically expand during our period of hypergrowth.

Nest Seekers International, LLC

In an ever changing world, where the speed and performance of your technology infrastructure is directly tied to your bottom line, IT Vortex has enabled us to operate 10x faster than ever before.

Churchill Corporate Services, Cheskel Kahan, COO

We were a small shop in need of big technology. IT Vortex has enabled us to fullfill that goal with their expert advice and maintenance contract.

DRI Integrators, James Watt

IT Vortex gave us a virtual desktop solution that actually works better than our current generation of desktop computers did. This allowed us to have our ever-changing staff quickly and seamlessly work from anywhere and at anytime.

Abe Kahan, BlueBird Suites, President