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Everyone Wants a Digital Transformation: Here’s How a Rush to the Cloud is Done Right

Everyone Wants a Digital Transformation: Here’s How a Rush to the Cloud is Done Right | IT Vortex

2020 proved that a digital transformation at your organization could be the difference between adapting to the new reality and having to close up shop. It’s a brutal truth, but it’s one that we’re living at the moment. There are a ton of companies rushing to the cloud in the face of an increasingly remote workforce, more reliance on digital ecosystems rather than outdated hardware, and more benefits that come with the move. 

More often than not, the best decision you can make is to invest in the future of any given industry. Cloud computing transcends what you might specialize in when it comes to your given industry or market. In fact, a digital transformation can benefit just about anyone. That said, here are the ways you can do the move to the cloud right so your company smoothly sets itself up for the future.

Set Up a Strategy for Now and Beyond

There’s no worse plan for a digital transformation than hopping on board for the sake of not adopting a new trend. The best way to migrate to the cloud in 2021 appears to many to be simply linking up with a cloud services provider. Unfortunately, many enterprises are finding that the business strategy they carefully set up does not pair well with a quick jump to a completely new form of operations. 

When you view the cloud as a tool for better speed, resources, and services, then you need to understand that those benefits impact every element of your business. Many major companies spent years transitioning to cloud computing. The jump you might have made in 2020 sure helped you keep afloat during an uncertain time, but how do you use that moving forward for sustained growth? 

Strategy is the name of the game. Sit down with your team and brainstorm all the aspects of your business that are impacted by the cloud. Spoiler alert: it’s going to be nearly all of them. Then, take time to think about how those areas of operation can interweave with the new technology at your hand to make critical steps towards new levels of growth. It takes time, but it makes for a better business plan down the road.

Practice (or Training) Makes Perfect

When cloud technology began gaining momentum in 2020, many knew the basics of what it offered. That’s great to get a head start on using these new resources. Now, in 2021, it’s time to ensure you’re training yourself and your team to take advantage of all the things the cloud services to which you subscribe can offer you.


Employees and external users who might have access to an extranet of sorts thanks to the cloud need to know how to use all the tools at hand. Don’t tell your employees and clients what the cloud does; show them! If you need help training them, many cloud service providers give great recorded tutorials or live session training to ensure you know all there is to know about efficient and effective use of the cloud.

Executing the Right Use of Cloud Technology

A digital transformation doesn’t just happen at the click of a mouse. Goal setting and in-depth knowledge of your cloud resources help to ensure you’re going to sustain the energy and benefits the cloud offers over time. What might that look like in terms of execution? 

Well, for starters, be aware of how you use the cloud and what it might mean for your industry’s regulations and requirements for the digitization of certain operations or data systems. If you adopt all this cool tech and then get in trouble with an overseeing organization or agency, then it’s not worth it. Ask around to peers in the business about any requirements that might be in place if you’re unsure. 

Likewise, set a priority to consistently return to your core company goals and milestones. How do these involve the cloud and what capabilities are you not harnessing to their full potential? In the end, looking inwards at your own company’s needs and applying the cloud’s abilities to these goals is the best way to ensure you’re delivering on the promise this new technology offers. 

When it’s time to move to a digital transformation for your business, don’t go in blind. Do your research on the best ways to enter the cloud ecosystem. Plus, don’t forget, you always have helpful service providers ready to walk you through questions or concerns you might have about the process. “Always be prepared” isn’t just for camping trips; it’s a tenet to a proper digital transformation that extends to every possible element of your business. Make the digital transformation the right way by keeping these elements in mind.

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