Leaving Microsoft Exchange On-Prem Behind

IT Vortex cloud expert, Lou Corriero, believes that IT professionals should rethink keeping Microsoft Exchange on-prem.  The amount of upkeep and troubleshooting involved can be quite daunting for an IT department or even an infrastructure team. In his opinion, these resources are best spent elsewhere. Having Microsoft Exchange on-prem requires particular build and patch levels to […]

Looking Past Microsoft Exchange On-Prem

  “With the ever-increasing release rate of cumulative updates, IT professionals really need to rethink keeping Microsoft Exchange On-Prem. I only see the cycle getting  shorter as more issues occur,” says IT expert Lou Corriero   With Microsoft Exchange On-Prem, security requires a particular build or patch level. This is generally measured in cumulative updates […]

VDI for AutoCAD Users with DaaS

True Desktop-as-a-Service While IT teams can build VDI on-prem on their own hardware or utilize other hardware, they are still managing and worrying about applications, users, and performance. However, true Desktop-as-a-Service manages licensing and updates, providing IT departments with support the whole way through. DaaS from a cloud service provider means managed infrastructure with bundled licensing, app […]

A VDI Hardware Solution by IT Vortex

One of the biggest barriers to companies implementing VDI or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is client hardware.   A key component of high-performance virtual desktops is using a zero-client or a thin-client. However, companies must purchase these devices upfront, and they typically range from $300-$500+.  Companies can now reuse existing desktops and laptops by implementing […]

Sustainable IaaS Services for a Greener Business

    IT executives are taking a closer look at operations and adding environmental sustainability to IT processes. The growing commitment leads them to the cloud where sustainable IaaS services make a significant contribution.     Server Farms, the New Energy Guzzlers For decades, IT operations managers have been hindered by the challenges of putting […]

IT Vortex is Committed to the Zero Carbon Initiative

  IT Vortex, LLC. has been recognized by VMware as a Zero Carbon Committed cloud provider. In accordance with this commitment, the cloud hosting service provider has pledged to power their data centers with 100% renewable energy or achieve net zero carbon emissions on or before 2030.   Less than 50 VMware cloud partners are qualified […]

The Effort to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions is Far More Than a Business Goal

by Ken Phillips/VMware Lou Corriero, Vice President of Cloud Technologies at IT Vortex, notes that the organization frees its customers to focus on their businesses, not the IT required to run them. Offering a diverse array of cloud solutions, IT Vortex’s customers include enterprises in industries from manufacturing and mining to fashion and real estate. […]

Automated Pentesting Services: The Latest Approach to Cyber Defense

IT decision-makers are discovering the value and relevance of automated penetration testing (APT/pentesting) services to their security operations. Changing Cyberattack Trends 2020-2021 Naïve attacks Insider threats Targeted attacks Customized attacks -21% +110% +117% +300% Source:  Cyber Observer Cyberattacks are more frequent and sophisticated. Targeted and customized cyberattacks proliferated during the pandemic. Remote work continues to […]

Cloud-Based Security: How to Know When It’s Time to Move

The utility of cloud-based security is on the rise, but how do you know if it’s right for your business?  You’ve read reviews and heard from peers in your industry, but does your IT infrastructure need cloud-based protection? Know when it’s time for your IT and SecOps teams to achieve a secure technology infrastructure with […]

Common Pitfalls of Cloud Migration

It is no secret that cloud migration adoption rates have been healthy – some would say explosive. In O’Reilly’s 2021 Cloud Adoption Survey, 48% of  IT decision-makers plan to migrate at least half of their applications during the next 12 months; Gartner forecasts an annual end-user adoption rate of 22%. However, pitfalls in the form of […]