Cloud Computing and Remote Work: An Exciting Future

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There are plenty of reasons to want to leave 2020 behind. While 2021 will present its own unique challenges, things seem more optimistic two months into the New Year. The hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic are not over, but many are taking time now to reflect on lessons learned during the reaction and response to […]

Cloud Hosting Provides E-Learning with a Bright Future

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Everyone from grade school students to college attendees got a big dose of e-learning this year. Many schools still continue to operate with a partially remote operation to ensure the safety of students and faculty. The lessons learned through this transition to online learning are insurmountable. We know how tough it can be to teach […]

The Future of IT Cloud Security in the Healthcare Industry

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Many health experts agree that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated medical research on viruses and vaccinations by over a decade. While the pandemic is certainly far from good news, the progress taking place during its management is a bright spot. The medical field is always on the cutting edge of the latest findings in healthcare, but […]

IBM Makes a $1 Billion Investment in the Cloud Ecosystem

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IBM is synonymous with the cutting edge of technology across the world. One of the company’s newest interests is cloud computing and hosting. The cloud ecosystem, which includes cloud technology, hosting, and many other services, is growing year to year. The COVID-19 pandemic and the world’s push to a more remote, digital workforce sped up […]

$10+ Billion for Cybersecurity Included in America Rescue Plan

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The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact the global economy for years to come. The incoming Biden Administration’s plan to manage the economic impact in America, the America Rescue Plan, includes quite a bit of support to struggling sectors of the country. One such sector that is clearly in need of a boost is the […]

Planning Ahead for Anything with Disaster Recovery Services

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As 2020 taught us, literally anything can happen to change our daily lives. It’s not just the known dangers that threaten business operations and strategic plans. At the end of the day, being ready for anything means being prepared for everything. That doesn’t just come down to what we’ve seen in the past. For everyone […]

Cloud Services Checklist to Make the Most of 2021

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We’re entering a brand new year with a turbulent twelve months behind us. We’re all hoping for a bigger and brighter 2021, but that won’t come automatically. As businesses try to find different ways to upgrade their operations and maneuver around an ever-changing business landscape, the real trick isn’t in reinventing the wheel.  Businesses preparing […]

Trends in IT Support to Boost Your Business in 2021

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There aren’t many people who will have a hard time saying goodbye to 2020. Paramus, NJ businesses struggled to battle a global pandemic, stuttering economy, and uncertainty unlike any other year in recent memory. While we slowly start to look to a vaccine becoming reality for the U.S. and beyond, it’s time to start making […]

The Best Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Vendors in 2021

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No matter what industry you’re in, a business needs to have a plan to grow. The plan usually takes place in three steps. First, build a business plan and approach that addresses a target consumer base. Secondly, care for those customers and continue to offer more to newcomers and your existing base. Lastly, grow your […]