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A New Cloud Security Strategy Has Everyone’s Attention

A New Cloud Security Strategy Has Everyone’s Attention


Cloud computing comes with a lot of benefits. There are also plenty of things to consider when it comes to ensuring those benefits don’t leave us vulnerable. The best tools at a company’s disposal are online now. With these added resources come threats to cybersecurity and data hacks. Luckily, cloud security is always adapting to new risks and developing better protection for businesses and individuals. 

One of the clearest signs that cloud security is hitting a new stride is the growing popularity of a new approach to the process. One area that many cloud computing providers focus on is the transfer of data and keeping that transfer safe for all involved. In short, when information passes through the cloud, only those intended to receive or send the data should have eyes on it. A new framework is working to ensure that further measures are taken to protect the way we deliver data to and from the cloud.

What is the Cloud Security Notification Framework

The Cloud Security Notification Framework is a new collective of cloud professionals working to create a standard for cloud security and data transfers in the cloud. The best part for all who utilize the cloud is that this framework will be an open-sourced tool that anyone can utilize to ensure they’re safe when sharing their most sensitive data online. 

The collective includes minds from Microsoft, Google, and IBM among others who are very knowledgeable in cloud security. The goal of the CSNF is to ensure that there’s a standard way of implementing the tool into individual cloud ecosystems. It sort of works like this: any cloud framework is going to have a skeleton. The CSNF has a set role it plays in ensuring enhanced cloud security measures. That said, the open-sourced nature of part of the framework ensures any user can install their own industry or organizationally-specific security measures and considerations into the framework.

The Importance of Security Layering in the Cloud

Most cloud providers ensure that a user is set up with standard security measures. Everything from 2FA and encryption is essentially the norm in 2021. When cloud security risks began to increase in 2020, however, we all were reminded that going above and beyond with cloud security is a must when dealing with a heightened cybercriminal network that’s active.


The CSNF works to provide security alerts to users that help ensure that administrators can track anything the framework flags as suspicious. Between cloud vendor security measures and this enhanced tool, the cloud we use every day is going to get a lot safer. A common format for system functions is understandable for a framework intended to work with countless providers and cloud dialogues. That said, companies and organizations who use the CSNF will find that the framework is built with adaptability and collaboration in mind. This means whatever you use to access the cloud should work effectively with the CSNF.

Assessing Cloud Security Needs and Dangers

When it comes to cloud security, it can be hard to predict where we’re most vulnerable. For large companies, the sheer amount of users accessing the cloud can make it hard to measure who is accessing cloud servers and storage. Likewise, small businesses don’t have to worry about a ton of users, but they might not have as robust of a cloud ecosystem in place to keep unwanted visitors out. 

When it comes to understanding cloud security and where your organization stands, cloud service providers and their expertise come in handy. Be sure to reach out to a trusted vendor to ensure your cloud security needs are addressed to the fullest extent. 

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