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$10+ Billion for Cybersecurity Included in America Rescue Plan

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The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact the global economy for years to come. The incoming Biden Administration’s plan to manage the economic impact in America, the America Rescue Plan, includes quite a bit of support to struggling sectors of the country. One such sector that is clearly in need of a boost is the IT and cybersecurity services industry. 

One thing made clear throughout 2020 was the need for an upgrade to even the most basic cybersecurity protections. Whether you’re an individual at the consumer level or a business, hackers had a field day taking advantage of lapses in cloud hosting security, cyber defenses, and data storage as we all spend more time online and worked remotely in 2020. Now, the America Rescue Plan aims to fund major changes to cybersecurity in America. Here’s where the proposed $10 billion would go and what we stand to benefit by addressing these issues.

What Cyber Security Services Need the Biggest Boost Post-Pandemic?

After recent cybersecurity breaches in the Federal Government, we can now say nearly every aspect of digital life is under increased pressure to enhance security protocols. From governmental breaches to the SolarWinds hack that affected hundreds of businesses, cybercriminals are on the prowl like never before. The proposed IT and cybersecurity section of the America Rescue Plan includes over $10 billion in funding to address these shortcomings. 

The Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency (CISA) will receive the bulk of the funding, to the tune of near $9 billion. This agency will oversee 18 other agencies in a modernization and upgrade plan to increase cybersecurity measures to protect against information theft and data hacking. Another $200 million will address the Information Technology Oversight and Reform Fund, which will go towards hiring experts to navigate ongoing cyber-attacks and investigate major cyberhacking events. 

An additional $300 million will go to the Technology Transformation Services and a plan to build shared infrastructure for cloud hosting and data storage that is far safer than what’s being utilized today. Lastly, $690M will be organized by CISA for distribution to assist in cloud computing services and increased security for mobile workforces, agencies that share digital assets, and other related cybersecurity enhancements.

How Does Cybersecurity Fit Into Economic Recovery?

There are two elements to economic recovery that prove challenging when any major event negatively impacts the United States. Firstly, making up for losses is the obvious first step in a return to normal. Secondly, however, is the installation of measures that better protect and prepare against a similar situation occurring down the road. Given the unprecedented amount of cybercrime occurring during 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that the coming years won’t just be a time to address economic concerns. Doing so will also require an investment in more meaningful cybersecurity services and protections. 

When it comes to enhancing cybersecurity services, everything at the industry’s disposal is at the table. That includes cloud hosting and computing to bolster capabilities without the burden of major hardware investments. Additionally, encrypted access to data servers and sensitive information is a must given the rise in remote workforces. Experts predict remote work will be something that sticks around once the COVID-19 pandemic is through. This means that organizations and businesses will need to ensure safe access for employees while also prohibiting outsiders from gaining entry into internal servers.

What Cybersecurity Services are Most Crucial for 2021?

It’s clear that the Federal government is eyeing a major investment in cybersecurity services for 2021. Businesses too are beginning to rethink their cloud hosting capabilities. Small businesses and major companies are all fair game for cybercriminals. This means that any business working with some element of digital operations must be prepared to protect their assets, information, and digital footprint from hackers. 

The best way to improve cybersecurity measures in 2021 is to begin by knowing what your biggest vulnerabilities are. Few companies operate with no protection, but many operate with inadequate services that provide the guise of security without the actual necessary protections. Access to cloud hosting and computing is a great place to start because of the secure nature of these virtual connections. 

Many cybersecurity services providers offer comprehensive plans that feature the best cloud hosting resources that the industry offers. With plenty of options to fit your needs as a business or organization, 2021 will be the perfect time to bolster security and ensure you’re enlisting the full potential of these protective measures.

Recovery Has to Start Somewhere

No matter the toll 2020 took on you and your business, ensure that the looming threat of cybercrime is not going to pose a threat in the New Year. The reason so much funding for cybersecurity services are included in the America Rescue Plan is that we saw firsthand in 2020 how vulnerable and outdated our national cybersecurity truly was.

Take stock of your access to the best cybersecurity services and ensure 2021 is a year of recovery and rebuilding, not another year of headaches and hardships. 

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